The English Springer Spaniel´s working characteristics make it mainly a springing gundog. Hunters have paid more and more attention to its excellent hunting abilities. It is a strong dog both physically and mentally and it is suitable for moving outside all year round. It is also able to work in cold water. However, it can´t be kept outside continuously. This goes for other spaniel breeds, too. Because of its pleasant character people buy English Springers as pets and the majority of our dogs are such.

English Springer is a strong, well-proportioned dog of straight bearing. It has a deep and spacious chest and firm limbs. the head is in harmony with the body and there is a clear distinction between dogs and bitches. Movement should be free and covering the ground. the coat is straight, dense and weatherproof. the tail shouldn´t rise above the back. the height is approximately 51 cm. A typical English Springer is friendly, eager to please, quick to learn and cooperative. It shouldn´t be shy, timid or aggressive.

The actual breeding of spaniel breeds has happened in Britain, excluding American Cocker Spaniels. According to some sources, the earliest stock arrived in Britain with the ancient Romans from the Continent of Europe.
Although the names Springer and Springing Spaniel were long used for springing dogs, the breed was first called Norfolk spaniel. there was not much breeding in the Norfolk area, still the breed was named after Duke of Norfolk who, in fact, lived in Sussex. The name was officially changed into Springer Spaniel in 1902. It was already then that the two varieties, English and Welsh Springers were recognized.

English Springer Spaniels have spread throughout the world. Especially in the USA the annual registration numbers are of five figures. The breed came to Finland in the early1920´s but there were relatively few of them until the beginning of the 1960´s. You can find English Springers everywhere in Finland and there are breeders both in the south and in the north.